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  • Six ways to reduce waste of your winter feeds.

    With the cost of supplement feed for your animals ever increasing its makes sense to keep wastage to a minimum, here are six ways to help:
  • 5 Types of Irrigation

    There is a good chance that this topic will cross your mind when you see your precious pasture start to brown off this summer.  Though irrigation i...

    Breeding season is a very important time on the farm. For the beef farmer the sooner you can get your herd back in calf, the earlier in the season ...
  • The Future of Farming

    As a country heavily reliant on agriculture, New Zealand has a vested interest in ensuring that the future of farming is sustainable and profitable. In recent years, there have been several trends and developments that are likely to shape the future of farming in New Zealand.
  • The Challenges of Modern Farming

      Farming has changed drastically over the years, and with new technology and methods modern farming has become much more complex than ever before...
  • 6 Tips for buying a great second-hand ATV.

    An ATV,(or farm quad or 4 wheeler) is one of the most useful pieces of equipment a farmer can have. With the addition of a few accessories they can carry all sorts, from hay for feeding out, fencing gear, tools, firewood and with the addition of a trailer and crate - young calves and sheep - the uses are never-ending! 
  • Save that Grass

    Spring is well and truly upon us. The grass is growing like mad, and if your farm is anything like mine, your animals that were bellowing at any ch...