Do you have any products set up that we can come and look at?
Yes, we usually have most of our products on display at our workshop near Levin, you are welcome to come and have a look. 

Why do you put a weight limit on your standard headbail and lifestyle series products?
Our lifestyle series products and standard headbail have been designed as affordable, medium duty cattle equipment for lifestyle blocks and small holdings. Even though these products will handle any size animal, we put a 550kg limit on these products to ensure safety to the operator and the animal.  

How long from ordering to delivery of my new yards?
We, usually have all our products in stock, however in the rare case we have sold out, we have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

I need some cattle yards but I am unsure of exactly what I need?
Contact us and ask our team anything you need to know cattle yards, we can even meet you in person at your place if you live locally. 

Can you deliver my new yards?
Yes, we can deliver all of our products, offer free delivery on our products. Mainfreight does our nationwide deliveries we use our own truck for local deliveries. Click here for more information on free delivery.

Can you set-up my new yards for me?
Yes, if you are local we can come and help you assemble your new yards.

Can I put my yards together myself?
Yes, Our yards come with an assembly guide and are easily assembled with a few tools.

Do how do my yards come delivered?
Yard packages come packed in one unit on a pallet.  All components are stacked inside the handler main frame and can easily be loaded onto a trailer, unloaded by a front-end loader, or unpacked and unloaded by hand.